Imou FSP12 Solar Panel For Imou Cell 2 / Cell Go – Weatherproof


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IMOU Solar Panel
P/N : FSP12
Micro USB Connection
IP65 Waterproof

Designed to work with IMOU Cell 2 / Cell Go cameras. The use of the panel allows you to extend the operating time of the camera after placing a charged battery in it.

This Imou Solar Panel can be used to continuously charge your Imou Cell security camera.
You connect the camera to the solar panel via a cable.
This way you ensure a direct power supply, so you never need to recharge the battery.
Install the solar panel near your IP camera by screwing it onto the mounting plate.
It only needs a few hours of sunlight to continuously power your camera.

This accessory is suitable for Imou Cell 2 & Cell Go IP cameras.

Dimension :120(+/-0,5mm)*180(+/-0,5mm)*2,5mm(+/-0,5mm)
IP65 Waterproof
PET laminated, Solar panel
Working Voltage 6.2V (-5%/+10%)
Solar panel power Max Power(Ppm) 3W (-5%/+10%),
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Connection with Camera using Micro USB

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